Poor print quality & appears they have staff who do not know what they are doing. I was asked by Ezeeplan if I wanted to resize my document as it wasn't sent in A4 and I had indicated that I wanted A4. I now know this is because I was increasing the dpi from 300 - 600, something I questioned with my contact at Ezeeplan several times because I didn't know what I was doing. I made this quite clear. I assumed this would be something a service like this would be very well educated in. Several emails back and forth, including me sending documents a second time and even saying in an email: "No, sorry, the file should be A4. I will send the file by email again tonight as it needs to be scaled correctly." Ezeeplan then scaled the document for me but didn't do it it in proportion. Which caused squares came out as rectangles, I am not really sure how this could be missed or how it would pass as acceptable. Additionally, the more expensive '24 hours needed to cure acetate' was definitely not set to cure for 24 hours. I think it is a marketing ploy because I received it the next day. I have had better results using my home ink jet printer. – How would you describe our service?

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